Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simply Series - Simply Amazing


Are you ready??? 

The first chapter of Simply Amazing will be posted by tomorrow.  For those of you who have read Simply Breathtaking, you will be pleased to know that Jane, Jackson and a few other characters will show up in the next series edition. 

Jessica Tramane, Jackson's sister, is ready to begin living in wedded bliss with her new husband Jason Stanhope a few months after the horrific events that almost took her brother's life.  Jason had captured her heart immediately after they met in college while both studying law.  It was fate that brought them together while so far away from home and it was only natural for the loving couple to move back to the suburbs of sunny Los Angeles once they completed their degrees.  With a bright future in store and with everything finally looking up for the Tramane family members, would Jessica be able to hold onto the happiness she so longingly desired?  Is Jason the knight in shining armor she sees him as or will his devious nature he thought he had put an end to resurface just as their story begins....

Until next time readers....Happy reading!!! :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Simply Series Update - Breathtaking Finale

Hello fellow romance readers!  Just wanted to give you an update on the Simply Series…
The final installment of Simply Breathtaking will be posted later this week.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to share Jane and Jackson’s love story with all of you.  It really is hard to say goodbye to these characters after putting so much time and thought to their journey to find love and finally happiness only to be hit with tragedy. 
I find myself returning to this story over and over again to relive their experience.  I hope you will do the same…
But don’t fret.  The next installment of the series, Simply Amazing, is work in progress.  So far, at eleven chapters in, Jessica Tramane has found herself unsure of her future for the first time in years.  Heartache can be such a life changing experience as she soon realizes.  You can either let it over come your life; lose the familiarity and normalcy you knew by having this tremendous grief suffocate you…Or, you can focus on the dreams you have always imagined and with newly found strength and determination, reach for the impossible. 
 I've decided to continue blogging as I go so all of the Simply fans won't be forced to wait very long for new reading material...
Until next time readers….Happy Reading!!!

Just a quick note…
Have you ever realized how much emphasis can go into a story while listening to the right kind of music?  Just to give you all an insight into Simply Breathtaking…a few of the songs that I had in rotation on my playlist while writing this story were:
Def Leppard – Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
Michael Buble – Lost
Peter Bradley Adams – The Longer I Run
Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
And most of all,
Sade – By Your Side

The next story has had many, but the recent songs I have been listening to for inspiration are:

Augustana – Boston
Rihanna – Stay
Alicia Keys – Sleeping With a Broken Heart
The Fray – I’ll Look After You

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Simply Series Update

Hello fellow readers!  It’s been awhile…
I’ve been so busy at work lately and I haven’t had time to update you on the Simply Series…but here I am!!!
As, we get further and further into Jackson and Jane’s love story you see they have encountered their share of drama.  It doesn’t pay to be a jealous lover… Anyway, I just wanted to update all my readers, you are almost there!!!  With tomorrow’s posting you will be at chapter 25 so that means only 10 more chapters to go!!!  Keep reading and find out where these two are headed and if they can overcome the odds and find that happy ever after…
With that said, let me update you with Jessica Tramane’s trials and tribulations in Simply Amazing…
Jessica’s story is coming along and I always look forward to the weekends when I do most of my writing so I can see where the next chapter of her life is heading.  So far I’m 7 chapters in and let me tell you the story is just flowing out. 
My goal is to have Amazing finished by the time you finish Breathtaking so we can continue the series without delay.  I’m also happy to announce that ideas for the third part of the series are already popping up in my mind.  The title is still unknown but I’m excited to know details are forming.
Until next time readers…Happy Reading!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simply Series Update, The Look of Seduction Intro

Well it has been awhile since I wrote a little tidbit so here I am!!!

I hate to say I haven't been focusing on Simply Amazing as much as I should over the past few weeks.  So many things going on it's been hectic and difficult to find the time lately.  What I have done is start 2 more stories that are not affiliated with the Simply Series.  Both stories are untitled yet but show real promise, IMO (but then again I also love my Simply Series). :)

Like the Simply Series, I know exactly where I want both of these stories to go and I look forward to writing them to the end.  In the meantime I plan on focusing more on Simply Amazing in the coming weeks so my avid readers will have the characters they have come to know and love.  I will update the other two new additions off and on.  Until then, I am giving you a quick sneak peek of one of the stories:

Untitled #1 (The Look of Seduction):

                It started out with just a look.  Just that one single look that peeked curiosity within and I knew...the gauntlet had been thrown.  Unable to pass up such a stimulating challenge, I stopped mid-step and turned my direction to focus solely on him.  Julian’s dark brown eyes gazed over my body as I sauntered over to the table he was seated at having his morning break.  Our eyes met bringing a sly smile to my lips and I knew this challenge was mine for the taking.

Just a reminder, I will be posting a new chapter to Simply Breathtaking Thursday night/Friday morning so be on the look out!!!  Hope you are enjoying :)
Until next time readers...Happy Reading!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Simply Series Inspired...

Well Readers, I have hit an inspiration while working on Simply Amazing.  Music can do that if you just relax and let your imagination flow to whatever you're listening to at the moment.  I love it!!!  It seems I always reach a stand still when first starting out on a new idea but luckily this time it only lasted a couple of weeks.  While writing Simply Breathtaking I had to take a break for a couple of months before going back and realizing where Jane and Jackson were headed.

I am currently finishing up chapter 5 and Jessica has awhile to go before she can find happiness again.  I know I've mentioned before that I am very excited about the direction this story line is headed and I can't wait to reach the breaking point with Jess. 

**Sneak Peek**

It was getting late and he still wasn't home... Jessica looked out of the living room window, her forehead pressed against the glass, as she peered down the road.  The darkened neighborhood was quiet.  All the kids had gone in for the night.  Worry began to set in as she paced from one room to another. 
            “Why hasn’t he called?” She wondered glancing over at the clock once again. 
            Jason and Jessica had been married for three months.  It was the happiest three months Jessica had felt in a long time.  Not only was she married to a prominent young attorney who she had fallen head over heels for when they first met attending Princeton but things had finally managed to turn around with her family as well. 

They were truly in love and had finally become husband and wife.  Never wanting to be separated from one another as any newlywed, they tried to make it home every evening at a decent hour so they could share a nice dinner together.  On the occasion when one or the other had to stay late at the firm they would always call the other to make aware of their plans.  So it was odd that tonight when Jason had not arrived home at his usual 5:45 pm that Jessica had not received a call or even a text from him.  Glancing at her watch and making her way back over to peer out the window for what seemed like the umpteenth time she began to really become worried. 
“Almost eight,” she announced to the empty room.  Once again dialing Jason’s number trying to reach him but reaching his voice mail instead, Jessica decided to try the office again.  The after-hours business recorder switched on and she hastily entered his extension number, trying the operator and a few of Jason’s colleagues whom she knew, but there was still no answer.  The only other option at this point was to take a drive over there.  Perhaps he was having car trouble and his cell phone battery had died.  Or maybe there was an important case and they had been locked away in the conference room trying to find evidence for the case and had lost track of time.  Please let it be anything other than something serious like an accident. 

I hope you enjoyed the preview of Simply it's time get back to writing (cranking up Pandora now).

Until next time readers...Happy Reading!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

SimplySeries Curious...

Hard to see the 49er's lose today but at least they made it a good game.  I'm not really a fan like I use to be but had to route on my hubbies team...Anyway, as the yelling and cheering was going on in my living room today I was thinking of Jackson and Jane. 

With the new chapters posted recently I began to wonder how my readers felt about the latest developments in the story.  What do you think is in store for them and could they possibly have a future?  Should Jane forgive him not only for how he handled things in Italy but also the incident with Josephine was well?  Of course, I already know what will happen, lol, but I just wondered what my readers felt would happen next. 

As for me, I need to start working on Jessica's story in Simply Amazing.  I've been away from my writing time for the last 2 weekends, just making notes here and there.  It's time to let the story come alive as Jess begins her journey to heal and see where her life is headed next.  I have to be honest, I can't wait to write this new beginning as I foresee many changes on the horizon for this Tramane sibling...

Until next time readers...Happy Reading!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simply Series Update 1

Well, here it is, another day has passed and I have found little time to get any writing done today.  It's so difficult to find the time during the week after work, then make dinner, get the kiddos cleaned up and this week I'm attempting to hit the gym every day (just one of my resolutions).  So far so good, day 3 of this week and day 3 of my workout.  All in all I feel pretty good...tired but good.

During the compilation of Simply Breathtaking, I had so much more time...or so it seemed.  Writing Jane and Jackson's story was pure enjoyment and I had to force myself to step away just to get a few hours of sleep.  While the lyrics to Sade's "By Your Side" played on the headset, I would picture the scenes I was writing as if I was watching it on a movie.  As I continued on with their lives as they came into contact with other characters I realized I would love to continue on this journey with some of the beloved supporting characters, which has brought me to the point I am now with Simply Amazing.

So, where am I at on Simply Amazing, the second part of the Simply Series?  Well, I have just started chapter 4 where Jessica Tramane is trying to deal with a devastating situation which has left her heartbroken.  She will find support in her brothers, Jackson and Robert, as well as a few of the other characters from Simply Breathtaking.  I look forward to the trials and tribulations Jessica will soon endure as she struggles to move past the betrayal that has crushed all of her future dreams. 

Well, until next time readers...Pick up a book and release your imagination.  Happy Reading!