Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simply Series Update, The Look of Seduction Intro

Well it has been awhile since I wrote a little tidbit so here I am!!!

I hate to say I haven't been focusing on Simply Amazing as much as I should over the past few weeks.  So many things going on it's been hectic and difficult to find the time lately.  What I have done is start 2 more stories that are not affiliated with the Simply Series.  Both stories are untitled yet but show real promise, IMO (but then again I also love my Simply Series). :)

Like the Simply Series, I know exactly where I want both of these stories to go and I look forward to writing them to the end.  In the meantime I plan on focusing more on Simply Amazing in the coming weeks so my avid readers will have the characters they have come to know and love.  I will update the other two new additions off and on.  Until then, I am giving you a quick sneak peek of one of the stories:

Untitled #1 (The Look of Seduction):

                It started out with just a look.  Just that one single look that peeked curiosity within and I knew...the gauntlet had been thrown.  Unable to pass up such a stimulating challenge, I stopped mid-step and turned my direction to focus solely on him.  Julian’s dark brown eyes gazed over my body as I sauntered over to the table he was seated at having his morning break.  Our eyes met bringing a sly smile to my lips and I knew this challenge was mine for the taking.

Just a reminder, I will be posting a new chapter to Simply Breathtaking Thursday night/Friday morning so be on the look out!!!  Hope you are enjoying :)
Until next time readers...Happy Reading!!!