Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simply Series - Simply Amazing


Are you ready??? 

The first chapter of Simply Amazing will be posted by tomorrow.  For those of you who have read Simply Breathtaking, you will be pleased to know that Jane, Jackson and a few other characters will show up in the next series edition. 

Jessica Tramane, Jackson's sister, is ready to begin living in wedded bliss with her new husband Jason Stanhope a few months after the horrific events that almost took her brother's life.  Jason had captured her heart immediately after they met in college while both studying law.  It was fate that brought them together while so far away from home and it was only natural for the loving couple to move back to the suburbs of sunny Los Angeles once they completed their degrees.  With a bright future in store and with everything finally looking up for the Tramane family members, would Jessica be able to hold onto the happiness she so longingly desired?  Is Jason the knight in shining armor she sees him as or will his devious nature he thought he had put an end to resurface just as their story begins....

Until next time readers....Happy reading!!! :)

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