Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simply Series Update 1

Well, here it is, another day has passed and I have found little time to get any writing done today.  It's so difficult to find the time during the week after work, then make dinner, get the kiddos cleaned up and this week I'm attempting to hit the gym every day (just one of my resolutions).  So far so good, day 3 of this week and day 3 of my workout.  All in all I feel pretty good...tired but good.

During the compilation of Simply Breathtaking, I had so much more time...or so it seemed.  Writing Jane and Jackson's story was pure enjoyment and I had to force myself to step away just to get a few hours of sleep.  While the lyrics to Sade's "By Your Side" played on the headset, I would picture the scenes I was writing as if I was watching it on a movie.  As I continued on with their lives as they came into contact with other characters I realized I would love to continue on this journey with some of the beloved supporting characters, which has brought me to the point I am now with Simply Amazing.

So, where am I at on Simply Amazing, the second part of the Simply Series?  Well, I have just started chapter 4 where Jessica Tramane is trying to deal with a devastating situation which has left her heartbroken.  She will find support in her brothers, Jackson and Robert, as well as a few of the other characters from Simply Breathtaking.  I look forward to the trials and tribulations Jessica will soon endure as she struggles to move past the betrayal that has crushed all of her future dreams. 

Well, until next time readers...Pick up a book and release your imagination.  Happy Reading!

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